Information about Lahti region


The City of Lahti and the Lahti region

A lively regional centre with 200,000 residents, the Lahti region is the fifth largest urban area in Finland. The City of Lahti and its neighbouring Asikkala, Hollola, Hämeenkoski, Kärkölä, Nastola, Orimattila and Padasjoki are a diverse mix of urban life and idyllic countryside, all within a mere 15-minute drive from each other. This offers you the kind of quality of life you will easily fall in love with!

Living in the Lahti region

With over 100,000 residents, the City of Lahti offers a lively urban environment on a very comfortable scale. The biggest difference to the Helsinki region is the cost of living, and this difference is rather notable: in Lahti, you can find a nice, spacious flat of 94 square metres for the price of 49 square metres in Helsinki.

Leisure and sports

For the sports enthusiast, the City of Lahti and the Lahti region offer an almost breathtaking diversity of opportunities, from aerobics to night-time orienteering. For a casual and peaceful day out, the picturesque landscapes, diverse terrain and wonderful waterways are there for you for free, every single day of the year. Enjoy the true joy of sports in Lahti!


Every year, as many as 25,000 students come to Lahti to study. And why would they not choose Lahti? There are a multitude of choices in schools and specialisations, with high quality courses and plenty of leisure activities for them to choose from. Compared to the Helsinki region, accommodation is also affordable and easy to find. In Lahti, student life is full of life!

Events and fairs

So, what’s happening in Lahti? There is always something going on: Concerts, exhibitions, theatre, cinema and other fun activities in a whole range of different genres to suit every taste. In addition, the recently expanded Lahti Fair Centre offers a varied selection of events and fairs. And don’t forget about the excitement of the various sports events organised in the Lahti region throughout the year. Check out what is going on in Lahti today: www.menoinfo( in finnish)


Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the everyday life of Lahti. For this reason, we actively invest in creating and developing the best possible conditions for companies in the region. Examples of our actions include our active design and cleantech clusters. We also offer relocation services for new companies. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are considering setting up or developing your own business; we take entrepreneurship seriously as well!